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There are many types of self defense videos on the market today, but none that are like the Split Second Survival series. It is a straightforward, brutally honest and politically incorrect production built around the reality of street violence. It has nothing to do with fighting as most people would think, it has all to do with surviving the most violent aspects of brutality in the streets. For those that may be offended by the straight honesty, forward approach, reality, and consequences of using loaded weapons in the Live Fire DVD; this program is NOT for you. But for those who understand street violence and wish to enhance your training skills SSS is a must. You will never see on any DVD the realities of the street that must be shown to understand if your training is truly effective.

SSS is a program for anyone seeking an effective way to become a survivor in the most vicious street assaults, whether you have no self defense skills, or are in a highly trained self defense program. SSS will open your eyes to the reality of the street.

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