A few words from our customers...

"I've devoted more than 42 years to many styles of martial arts. But  what an eye opener when I received Larry Wick's first tape. Very direct,  simple and effective. He fills in the gaps in your thinking and  execution when you are in a street survival situation. I have all his  tapes and learned more ideas from each one and have added his "Split  Second Survival" ideas in my training. I wouldn't leave home with  without it and you shouldn't either"
Dr. Robert Chapman, Grandmaster 10th degree Black Belt, Bulldog Jeet Kune Do Concepts 

"For exemplary service in the conduct of your week-long Split Second  Survival training. Your commitment to training the leadership of 4-11 FA  on wartime survival skills was superb.  Thanks for your professional  excellence, time, and dedication in making us all better warriors"
Marvin L. Suchy C.S.M. Command Sergeant Major, Scott G. Wuestner LTC, FA Commanding

"We have found Mr. Wick's techniques to be extremely innovative.  These tactics are unique and provide a tactical edge over any street  savvy assailants"
J.A. Glatti and J.C. Janke U.S. Customs and Border Protection Officer

"I would recommend this program for all law enforcement agencies,  military members, and anyone with a real desire wanting to protect their  home and family in any given situation"
D. Fleming, Security Officer

"I highly recommend this program to anyone that is interested in a  different but effective close quarters program. All soldiers should be  subjected to this type of combative training"
A.B. Proffitt, SSG, USA

"Larry Wick's training is the most effective, practical, and well  instructed self-defense training that I have taken. I give my highest  personal recomendation to anyone considering taking training from Larry  Wick for military or law enforcement applications. This stuff will keep  you alive."
B.M. US Agent

"I highly recommend this street survival training for anyone who  desires effective common sense methods for personal defense, as well as  the law enforcement officer interested in maintaining that tactical edge  for survival while considering use of force issues."
Captain G. Tanner, Alaska State Troopers Retired

"Mr. Wick's Split Second Survival training is, by far, the most  efficient and simple means of self defense I have ever experienced. As  an FBI Agent, I am a potential target of the many individuals I deal  with. Split Second Survival demonstrated how vulnerable I really was.  Mr. Wick instructed me how to increase my chances of surviving any  unexpected assault as well as eliminating the threat posed by the  assailant(s).  In my personal opinion, Split Second Survival is a must  for anyone who desires to have the means to defend themselves.  It is  simple, yet effective. It requires no formal Martial Arts training or  great strength and can be learned by anyone.  Larry Wick's Split Second  Survival training has made me more confident in myself and my ability to  do my job. I highly recommend it."
Derik Stone, FBI Agent

"Recently I purchased the Split Second Survival 3 DVD set which  includes First Strike, First Cut, and First Shot. I wasn't sure what to  expect but figured that even if the DVD's didn't amount to much I  would't be out a lot of money. Well, I can assure you that I got a lot  more than I expected. There was over five hours of instruction in this  set, and Mr. Wick didn't rely on quantity alone, but the DVD's were of  high quality too. Not only were they made professionally, but the  concepts and techniques presented were amazing! These techniques are so  fast and decisive that at first they seem impossible, but believe me,  they are for real! The various camera angles helped me to better  understand the techniques. I was a high school and college wrestler,  boxed, and practiced Ken Po, so i thought I was pretty capable,  especially since I have my concealed carry permit and carry almost all  of the time. After viewing this series and trying to apply the concepts  Mr. Wick demonstrates, a lot of my ideas have changed. I now realize my  family and I were not as well protected as I had thought. This series opened my eyes to many flaws in my thinking and the faults of some of  my previous training. My previous training never really prepared me for  multiple attackers and multiple weapons, but I have a much better  understanding about what to do after watching the Split Second Survival  series. I realize now that had something happened that threatened my  family and me, things could have been disastrous. I think almost  everyone can benefit from viewing these DVD's, especially if they will  view them with the idea that sometimes new concepts are better."
Gary F., Enviromental Specialist

"Larry Wicks’ Split Second Survival training takes my mind set out of  the controlled classroom where most people teach and sets it unto the  street with a realistic approach to surviving violent confrontations  that can happen to anyone. Split Second Survival’s training deals with  the mindset of reality where there will be weapons involved, an  aggressor a lot larger, and most likely multiple aggressors. On the  street where the bad guy may have the element of surprise with both  weapons and multiple friends to back him up, it takes a class like Wicks  to revolutionize how to deal with these situations and overcome them by  surviving the extreme violence that is common.  Past military and  police training for me has helped when I’ve had a radio and lots of back  up to handle situations but I find weaknesses in this style of training  if one was to encounter fast surprising and unexpected close in  fighting alone. After watching the videos and attending the classes I  have found that my confidence level has risen dramatically and  techniques that I had learned before may have set me up for a false  sense of security.  Working as a security officer at a hospital I find  myself in many different situations requiring many levels of force to be  used. In any given situation I found that I can use these methods  taught at Split Second Survival and use the appropriate level of force  needed to keep myself and the Hospital staff safe from danger. I may  only encounter very few situations in my life time involving weapons  that requires the full extent of these methods taught, but it will be  well worth it to survive, keeping myself , my family, or others safe.   Whether on the job or out with my family Split Second Survival has given  me almost unlimited options in a large verity of violent situation to  survive. Split Second Survival allows me the flexibility to go to what  ever level of force I need to handle any given situation. The three DVD  set shows the basic mindset and methods needed to be a survivor in  hostel situations and is a must buy. Attending the classes refines the  methods needed in an easy to learn atmosphere with a realistic approach  to real situations that could be encountered anywhere at anytime."
Doug F.

"I ordered and received the First Strike DVD yesterday and have watched it in its entirety. To be frank, but with the utmost respect  and praise, I think you understate the effectiveness of this program.  For the uninitiated (I have a brown belt in Judo from 15 years ago), it seems very valuable - if only for your "realism" and truthful,  straightforward approach. Anyone can complicate things but you have  simplified them, which is not easy, and in the most entertaining way. As someone who has taught on the High School to University level, where I  teach full-time still, you are a natural born teacher and I hope you  concentrate on this even more in the future.

If you ever want to translate the video into writing: book, pamphlet, or other form of literature, let me know."

Good Work Larry.
Tim from Chicago

"Dear Mr. Wick,

This message pertains to your seminar of May 7th in Manhattan, not to the  website itself. I wanted to express to you how impressed I was. I found I  agreed with your take on everything, and I especially liked witnessing your examples of the misconceptions and the fallacies of the martial arts. In short, yes loved what I learned. I think that all of it was practical, realistic, direct, simple, and "Strength Free", as you yourself described.

Your teaching style was friendly and effectively drove home your concepts and most salient points. I liked that your were able to immediately demonstrate  what you were talking about--and yes, it all made sense to me.

I have studied martial arts for a long time. I have earned a black belt in  Tae Kwon Do, studied Chinese martial arts in China, and I have been exposed  to the Russian martial art of Systema. I thought that I had seen it all after  seeing the Russian system. However, this is the most effective thing that I  have ever seen since--and, for one thing, I think it is easier to learn. Make  no mistake, I would highly recommend Split Second Survival to anyone seeking  real self-defense skills, should they ask my humble opinion.

I would have loved to speak with you more in person about SSS and the development  of your system. Further, all of the people involved there that day struck me as  being kind, humble, of a high caliber, and many were very highly educated,  martially. I feel very grateful for having been invited to this event."
Seth C. from New York

"Learning "Split Second Survival" methods and "Body Logic" have  improved my physical performance. As a Martial Artist it can be  challenging to get the holds, grips, and pressure points right,  especially on a bigger man. A feather light touch, and the two step  waltz can be quite effective. Master Wick got my attention when he spoke  about rescue, he gave us simple exercises that worked. The pinkie  finger grasp, and the side-stepping stance, they immediately strengthen  one\'s ability to hold and pull. I liked the ease of the exercises, I  just need to practice a new way of doing things. It's not about building strength.

What if I needed to pull my Mom out of the way?" I wouldn't have  time to go to the gym and workout.   It's fun to play out these  scenarios during the interactive seminars with Master Wick. You do the  best you can, with what you have to work with, at the time. S.S.S. is  just that. There is no time to think, we must be able to act. Our first  drill was simply, the pinkie-ring finger grab. Experiencing Body Logic,  you can feel the difference right away. Our second drill was to use the  pinkie grab, and pull  stepping sideways.

"Larry" as he preferred to be called made his point with simple  exercises. Certain things cause the body to react, reflexes we call  them. The body's automatic response system, direct neurological  shortcuts and we can use this to our advantage with a little extra  practice. Most of these techniques employed a feather light touch, which  the body doesn't immediately take as a threat; it is however,  distracting, and that's the point. These are the basics.

It's hard not to pile on the information when you're only in town for the weekend. This seminar began Friday evening with the modest Body  Logic class, only four hours but with critically important details.  Split Second Survival was a 2-day, 24 hour adventure. We learned some  holds you really don't want to let people get on you, bare handed, with a  knife, and with a gun, and how to relax under pressure. He showed us  the repercussions of mishandling a situation, and emphasized simple  solutions.That's the hard part, one must practice "Moo Shim" or an empty  mind to find that confident, smooth, fearless movement. Easy as a  feather-light pinkie touch and a two-step waltz.

Larry Wick seems to live his art, and the discussions continued  through the breaks. Larry sipped water and ate lunch with us as we  considered the many possibilities to be measured, and truth be told, he  seemed to enjoy every bit of it. Larry has mastered the art of bringing  lively discussions into the practice of techniques, plus, he seems  genuinely interested the variables.  It's about nature and survival,  finding what actually works and using it. Larry and his friends have  field tested all his data, they have really investigated the ideas and  concepts, and put them to the test. He has some great videos to prove  it!"

I am a relative beginner to the Martial Arts with a blue belt in Kenpo Karate.  I was browsing through the Internet one day and came  across Larry Wick's website.  I was interested to see how Mr. Wick's  program would help the average person, like myself, defend against  potentially deadly attacks.  I called to order the DVD's and spoke to  Larry himself.  I was surprised that a person with his Martial Arts creditentials answered the phone personally.  Larry took the time to  talk to me, and answered all of my questions concerning his program.

When I received the videos and started watching them, I was hooked.  The  videos show not only the simplicity of the defense techniques, but also  many variations of defending against multiple attackers.  I had never  even considered some of these possible attack scenarios prior to viewing  the DVDs.  This is the first series that I have seen that shows real  life danger and how to defend against it.  I have recommended this DVD  to all my friends, and have told them that this the best self defense  DVD series they will ever own.

Larry you have definitely have a winner with this one.  I can't wait to see what you come up with next.
Jon Dussing Jr. Syracuse, NY

You and your series of DVD's have truly been a blessing in my life.  I  have close to 20 years of martial art experience and I can truly say  you humbled me.  I guess you could never know too much.  In my eyes you  are a gift and legend from God.  Keep up the fantastic and realistic  teaching and I look forward to more DVDs in the future.
Kevin W.

I received the products 4 days ago and have finished viewing all  three.  You were straight to the point a brutally honest, that was what I  needed.  I was not looking for Martial Arts videos.  I was looking for  survival videos.  Your presentations were clear, concise, and well  presented.  Logic tells me that you are right on the mark with your  method.  Now it is time for me to practice in the ways that you showed.   Please know that I am not a Tough Guy, Nor a Cowboy.  I am just a  individual that has family they love and care enough about to try to  protect them from such assaults that you demonstrated.

You have my confidence.  And once I have mastered what I presently have  now I will be looking forward to purchasing other product you present in  the future.

I recently attended Larry's New York 2-day June 2006 seminar.  All  the testimonials here on the effectiveness and real-life practicality of  SSS are on the mark.  What is most impressive is that Larry not only is  constantly upgrading his program and making the changes &  adjustments that need to be made to make SSS more effective but also  soliciting students for ideas.  Combined with his boundless enthusiasm  for teaching, this makes him the ideal, almost one-of-a-kind,  once-in-a-lifetime instructor.